Membership in a flight club offers many benefits, not the least of which is making general aviation more affordable. Costs of plane ownership, including insurance, hangaring, maintenance and upgrades, are shared by the group, making aircraft ownership reasonable for pilots.



  • High availability of plane
  • Cheaper than renting
  • High aircraft maintenance standards
  • Reserve time online or over the phone
  • Only club in the area that welcomes students
  • Lowest cost club in the area
  • No member assessments in the history of the club

CAVU flight


CAVU Costs

  • Purchase your share of CAVU (Available Share)
  • $110 monthly dues cover fixed costs and engine/maintenance fund
  • $65 wet per tach hour

Comparison of flying costs

The ability to share costs as part of a club makes flying more affordable. See below for a sample of costs based on prices for similar aircraft across various options in our area.

Owning a Plane

  • Purchase Price: $50,000 (estimated)
  • Fixed Costs: $500/month
  • Maintenance Costs: $200/month
  • Hourly Cost: $50/hr
  • Annual Usage: 25 hours
  • Annual Costs: $9,650/year + purchase

The freedom of owning your own airplane is great, but it comes at the expense of the single owner being responsible for all of the costs.

Renting a Plane

  • Purchase Price: $0
  • Fixed Costs: $0
  • Maintenance Costs: $0
  • Hourly Cost: $145/hr
  • Annual Usage: 25 hours
  • Annual Costs: $3,625/year

On the plus side, renting doesn't have any fixed costs or maintenance concerns. However, it also never gets less expensive per hour.

Flying Club

  • Purchase Price: $3,500 (negotiated)
  • Fixed Costs: $110/month
  • Maintenance Costs: $0
  • Hourly Cost: $65/hr (tach time)
  • Annual Usage: 25 hours (~19 hours tach)
  • Annual Costs: $2,555/year + purchase

A nice split between the freedom of renting (at a higher hourly cost) and the expense of owning outright. Splitting costs can save big money!

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About CAVU

CAVU Flying Club is a non-profit corporation with the purpose of providing aircraft and social activities for its membership. Our aircraft, affectionately known as Uncle Victor, gets its name from the last two characters of its registered tail number, N734UV.

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